How Long Does a Drive Belt Tensioner Last?

Before buying the belt tensioner bearings from the tensioner bearing manufacturer, you should know how long will the drive belt tensioner last, what is the lifespan of the tensioner? In order to maintain proper tension on the serpentine belt of the vehicle, a drive belt tensioner is used. This is a pulley mounted on an adjustable pivot point or spring mechanism. If you open the car hood, you will see the serpentine belt at the front of the engine. It is long. The pulley itself is located on the outside of the belt, which is how the pulley adds tension or pressure.

The problem with the drive belt tensioner is that once it is loosened, it usually means replacing the pulley and sometimes the drive belt itself. Usually, this is not a single replacement job. Although the service life of the belt tensioner is not set, it is recommended that you check it every time you perform routine maintenance on the belt system. This is a great way to detect early warning signs of any possible problems. It should be noted that the drive belt itself will most likely need to be replaced before the tensioner is replaced. The service life of a transmission belt is usually between 40k to 70k miles.

There are not many warning signs that the service life of the belt tensioner has expired, in fact, there is only one.

  • As the belt tensioner continues to fail, all aspects of the vehicle will begin to be damaged. Since they are all powered by drive belts, they may affect your alternator, power steering, and air conditioning. These problems will become more and more obvious.
  • Once you start to hear the harsh hoarse or piercing noise from the engine, it’s time to look at the drive belt tensioner. You will hear this sound every time you turn on the engine.

The drive belt tensioner may wear out over time due to normal wear and tear. It is best to check the belt system every time. The goal is to replace it before it actually malfunctions and cause your vehicle to travel unsatisfactorily.

If you experience any of the above symptoms and suspect that your drive belt tensioner needs to be replaced, please make a diagnosis or contact a professional mechanic to make an appointment for repairing the belt tensioner.

On the timing belt, it is best to replace the belt tensioner when replacing the timing belt. These may be difficult to achieve. If the timing belt fails, the timing belt will also fail and the engine may be damaged. When you have separated it, it doesn’t make sense to try to save $20-$30. Before you need the next timing belt, replace everything that might fail.