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How is the China automotive wheel hub bearing parts market TODAY?

When you plan to buy wheel hub bearing parts from Chinese manufacturers, you should know about the Chinese bearing market, where to buy the wheel bearings, how to find the best reliable wheel bearings factory, how to find a good quality wheel bearing manufacture. China continues to be the world’s largest vehicle market with the Chinese government expecting that automobile output will reach 30 million units by 2020 and 35 million by 2025.

Chinese car population of up to 200 million. It is estimated to exceed 250 million by 2020, so China will produce and sell 40 million cars a year by 2020. Up till 2021, both will exceed 45 million and the Chinese automotive market will truly become the largest auto market in the world. In the market of automobile consumer, the field of after-sales service and maintenance is considered to be an important part of this segment, which is building a solid in the booming growth, belongs to the household automobile industry foundation and considerable market support, will with the proportion of 150 to 200 billion and become the supermarket.

Right now China is already the biggest automotive supplier worldwide. There is also a big international exhibition hold in China. These exhibitions have been highly praised by exhibitors who thought that the exhibition was successful in the number of visitors, organization and management. Over 91% exhibitors thought the exhibition effect was better than expected, and were satisfied with the quality and number of visitors, and planned to attend next exhibition. A Lot of enterprises got order forms at the exhibition site. In their own words: “This exhibition really played its role of a trading platform, attracted more customers for us, further explored international market, and this is just the sort of exhibition that we want to attend!”.

According to the development situations of Auto Accessories and Modification industry and domestic and foreign markets, and on the basis of inheriting and expanding the successful factors of the previous exhibition and accepting the previous opinions proposed by exhibitors, the organizing committee will continue to provide exhibitors with a high-quality international trading platform where they can expand business, conduct technology exchange, display new products and find cooperative partners, and will provide more cooperation opportunities for global Auto Accessories and Modification industry, promote China Auto Accessories and Modification products to fully enter the global procurement system, and cooperate with global automobile industries to achieve the win-win situations and enjoy mutual development and progress.