Three Generations of Automotive Wheel Bearings

Introduction of the three automotive wheel bearing generations, helpful for the wheel bearing aftermarket.

The first generation used single-row bearings, mounted in pairs. Compared to this type of conventional bearing arrangement, Generation 1 wheel bearings, wheel bearing kits, front and rear wheel bearing, incorporates two rows of rolling elements that require no setting (no pre-loading or alignment). First-generation wheel bearings are used on many applications due to their compact and rugged design, featuring lifetime sealing and lubrication.

Advantages: better reliability, compact, and simpler mounting process. This is one of the most widely used wheel bearings.

The second generation is wheel bearing kits, to meet the demand for greater simplicity and reduce weight, expected by manufacturers, there is a range of bearings where the inner and outer rings incorporate additional mounting functions like clamps, flanges or mounting holes for easy mounting to the chassis of the vehicle.

Advantages: the number of parts is reduced, improved rigidity, increase in accuracy and better adaptation to the different operating conditions.

Wheel bearing assembly is a bearing unit with a high level of integration and precision, with a flange fixed to the brake disc and to the bearing wheel. The third generation wheel hub bearings incorporate with two mounting functions: attachment to the chassis, fixing to the disc brake and the rim of the wheel by the flanges incorporated into the inner and outer rings. Its integrated magnetic encoders generate the ABS/ESP signal required to control the operation. In addition, wheel hub bearings contribute to the reduction of assembly costs due to the design of two flanges. The integration of the bearing can also provide a transmission function in the case of a driven wheel.

Advantage: Because the factory set preload, it is easy to mount. Lower human interference during assembly. High precision of disc brake and wheel guidance. Reduction of costs due to the design of the two flanges. Pre-load is defined through the process. Integration with wheel flanges.

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