When there is wheel hub bearing assembly replacement, you need to think in advance before you buy from wheel hub bearing factory or manufacturers, which one is the best brand to buy the best wheel bearing hub assembly to make sure the quality? How to buy the right model Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly? Is it Manufacturered in China? Here is all about front or rear wheel hub assembly tips to learn.

From safely negotiating crooked country roads to changing lanes on highways, every time you jump to the driver’s seat, you rely on the vehicle to accurately steer your car. Have you thought about something that would enable you to turn left and right and keep walking? You may be surprised to find that small parts called hub assemblies are key components of the steering system.

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What is a wheel hub assembly or Wheel bearing kits?

The hub assembly is responsible for fixing the wheel to the car. It is a pre-assembled unit with precision bearings, seals and sensors. Also called hub bearing, hub assembly, hub unit or hub and bearing assembly, the hub assembly is a vital part of the steering system and helps to safely maneuver and manipulate the vehicle.

What does a hub assembly do?

First, the hub assembly keeps your wheels connected to the vehicle and allows the wheels to turn freely so that you can steer safely.

The wheel hub assembly is also essential for the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and traction control system (TCS). In addition to the bearings, the hub assembly also contains wheel speed sensors for controlling the vehicle’s ABS braking system. The sensor continuously transmits the speed of each wheel to the ABS control system. In the case of hard braking, the system uses this information to determine whether anti-lock braking is required.

Your vehicle’s traction control system also uses ABS wheel sensors for operation. The TCS system and the ABS system are considered as extensions of the anti-lock braking system and can help you control the car together. If this sensor fails, it may damage your anti-lock braking system and traction control system.

What is the wheel hub bearing made?

Wheel hubs are usually made of steel or aluminum castings or forgings. Steel is the more common material used to construct wheel hubs. After it is forged, the rough part must be machined to its final dimensions.

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How do I know if I have a bad wheel hub assembly?

Failure of a hub assembly can cause a variety of symptoms, including:
When driving at a speed of 30-45 mph, the tires will hiss, buzz, squeak, squeak, or squeak.
If the sensor cannot be read normally or the signal is lost, the ABS light will light up.

The steering wheel may shake when driving.

What are the symptoms of wheel hub failure?

  • Upon visual inspection of the wheel, it was found that the lug was missing.
  • Excessive vibration at speeds exceeding 15-25 miles per hour. Worn wheel bearings are often mistaken for worn or damaged hubs.
  • A clumsy turn at speeds over 5 miles an hour. It is unwise to operate a vehicle that is not turning smoothly.
  • Grasp the sidewall of the tire and shake the hub with considerable force. You may feel the movement in the hub. If you feel any gaps in the wheel assembly, check the spare hub or bearing.

What can happen if I drive with a damaged wheel hub assembly?

It is dangerous to drive with a bad wheel hub assembly. When the bearings in the assembly wear, they can cause the wheels to stop spinning smoothly. Your vehicle may shake and the wheels cannot be secured. In addition, if the wheel hub assembly degrades, the steel can crack and cause the wheel to fall off.

If you suspect that the hub assembly is faulty, please send the vehicle to your trusted mechanic for repair.

What is the top brand of wheel bearing kits?

Here is the main top brand of hub unit bearing:


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Which Axle Bearing and Hub Assembly we can supply?

We manufactured different wheel bearing kits for the vehicle after-service market, including HYUNDAI, MITSUBISHI, MAZDA, TOYOTA, LEXUS, NISSAN, SUZUKI, SUBARU, DAEWOO, AUDI, RENAULT, OPEL, FORD, BMW, BENZ, KIA, PEUGEOT, ETC.

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We have more than 1000 wheel bearing kits with OE quality parts available. You are welcomed to contact us for any interest. Here is the brief product line of SKF wheel bearing kits.

First-generation wheel bearing kit – VKBA

SKF VKBA wheel bearing

Greased and sealed for life, the first-generation wheel bearing cuts installation time and virtually
eliminates problems caused by improper seal handling and bearing clearances.

Flange bearings – VKBA

SKF VKBA flange wheel bearing

The second-generation wheel bearing replaces the function of a separate bearing unit by combining
a double-row ball bearing unit and an integral mounting flange.
The third-generation wheel bearing features two flanges – one for installing to the wheel and
brake rotor assembly, one for fixing to the suspension. The third-generation wheel bearing
provides a significant simplification in corner design.

Wheel bearing and brake kit – VKBD

SKF VKBD wheel bearing

SKF offers a pre-assembled system, with a wheel bearing integrated into a brake disc/ drum. It
is faster and easier to install, therefore minimizing the risks of installation errors. All parts are OE
quality to ensure performance and reliability.

We can supply different bearing products, contact us with your OEM number and quantity.